Saturday, April 11, 2015

Church Interpreters' 8 Week Summer Program

Canal Blvd Baptist Deaf Church and New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC
This workshop will focus on church interpreting
Church Interpreter' 8 Week Summer Program
Online live interactive class
April 14 – June 2
Cost: $75

scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Church Interpreter 8 Week Course) 

Dr. Barbara Lovas will lead in an online interactive 8 week study, focusing on church interpreting techniques and ethics: Emphasis will be placed on religious vocabulary, terminology, ethics, and Deaf empowerment as it relates to church settings and interpreting scripture and religious music. Local Deaf will also share their feelings related to ethics and Deaf empowerment. This course will include 45mins to an 1 hour of live interactive instruction w/ a minimum of 2 additional hours of work per week; along with hands-on practices, techniques, resources, and study aids will also be provided to participants.
Scholarships are provided. CEUs will be provided
For more information:
Barbara Lovas at
504-722-2967 cell/text/facetime


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