Monday, February 16, 2015

Water Kefir & Healthy Cooking Workshop

It is time to stop drinking soda (which is bad for you) and opt for something that tastes a million times better, is healthy ... and is much more affordable!!!

Instructor: Barbara Lovas, Th.D.
February 28, 2015,  2pm -- 4pm
5324 Canal Blvd, NOLA, 70124
(Enter the side door, downstairs, facing Hawthorne Place)

Cost: $10 (Pay at the door)
(R.S.V.P. -- due to limited space -- 504-722-2967 or
 Another last minute water kefir workshop because my kefir is growing so fast that I need to give some away!!!

Those who attend will be given some grains and instruction on how to make water kefir. I will include a recipe and resources. Please bring to the workshop a regular canning jar (pint or quart).   I will provide you with all the instructions, ingredients and the recipe needed to make your first batch. So, you will go home prepared to make your first batch. As always, I don't sell my grains or scobies, but will give them away.
We will go over general guidelines to eating healthy. Topics will include homegrown probiotics, fermented foods, and our body's need for fatty acids. We will also discuss how to make healthy tasty alternatives to replace foods that we need to eliminate from our diets. Of course, you can expect me to fuss a bit about white table salt (poison) and artificial sweeteners (poison) ... but I will give you healthy alternatives! In fact, I will give you an opportunity to taste them.
NOTE: We will not make any other recipes during this workshop ... last time we barely made it through 2 of the three we had scheduled. Instead, I will tell you about recipes and provide any recipes you are interested in via email after our workshop. If you want milk kefir, water kefir or a kombucha scoby, remember those are available according to my supply. That being said; If you ask in advance, I should have some milk kefir grains and maybe some kombucha ready to give away on the day of the workshop.  As I always give away kefir and kombucha for free. If you need an interpreter, please request an interpreter immediately: specify the language needed.
Don't worry, if you accidentally kill the kefir I have given you, I will always be glad to give you more.
If you are interested in attending this workshop, please reply to this e-mail and let me know you plan to go so I can hold your seat.  Feel free to invite your friends, just make sure you inform me, so they are added into my headcount.:)  I am looking forward to seeing you there. Seize the day!!!  Barbara
To see a video of what kefir looks like while u are making it, go to my Youtube video at
This workshop is sponsored by CBBDC  at and co-sponsored by New Orleans Sign Language Services at

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Church Interpreters 8 Week Online Class (scholarships provided)

New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC

Church Interpreters
8 Week Online Class

This workshop will focus on church interpreting
Summer Program
Online live interactive class
April 14 – June 2
Cost: $75
(pay online)

Dr. Barbara Lovas will lead in an online interactive 8 week study, focusing on church interpreting techniques and ethics: Emphasis will be placed on religious vocabulary, terminology, ethics, and Deaf empowerment as it relates to church settings and interpreting scripture and religious music. Local Deaf will also share their feelings related to ethics and Deaf empowerment. This course will include 45mins to an 1 hour of live interactive instruction w/ a minimum of 2 additional hours of work per week; along with hands-on practices, techniques, resources, and study aids provided to participants. Scholarships are offered. .6 CEUs will be provided.

For more information:
Barbara Lovas at
504-722-2967 cell/text/facetime

This workshop is sponsored by Louisiana Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, a chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf