Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Organic Ways to Combat Dandruff

Dr. Mercola suggests sleeping all night with Selsun Blue or Head and Shoulders wrapped in a towel will get rid of dandruff. In fact I have suggested that to others (not over-night, but leaving it on the scalp for 30 mins to an hour). It does work, but it leaves your hair pretty dried out and it does have some added ingredients that are pretty harsh. Soaking all night in them can't be too good -- but let me stress, as Dr. Mercola stated, I would prefer to do that over using some of the dangerous medicines some would recommend.

Here is my suggestion as to an more organic alternative to the above method (but I would have to admit, doesn't smell as good). I have seen great success for severe cradle cap for a 5 year old child and also severe dandruff with this method: leave kombucha on the scalp at least 15mins to 30mins (it is best to be in a hot bath in order to open the pores) ... after soaking, lightly rinse with clean water, then saturate scalp w/ coconut oil and leave the coconut oil on the scalp over night. Use a comb to carefully comb away the dry skin flakes. With severe cradle cap you might feel tempted to pick at the large flakes. Don't pick at the skin. Instead saturate the head with the coconut oil and massage the oil in well. It will eventually all comb out after a few time of doing this process. You can use apple cider vinegar, kefir or kefir whey also in the same way.

You may also use a very small amount of oregano, myrhh, or geranium oil mixed with your coconut oil. Some suggest tea tree oil. I find that it can be too harsh for some people. One person even suggested using sesame seed oil. It seems like it might be a good suggestion. I know some people have found great success using the oil pulling method with sesame seed oil for bad gums.
I don't know anything about it, but I am interested in learning more about the use of sesame seed oil in fighting dandruff.

Something worth considering: If you show signs of fungus in your body in any way, I would suggest that you tackle it internally. I think it is very important that you realize the urgency of cutting out all white sugar, sugar substitutes and food additives. Drink and eat foods that are full of probiotics (friendly bacteria) and foods that will balance your PH levels. There is a high chance that your body is very acidic. Try to eat foods that cause your body to become more alkaline. Fixing your PH balance can improve your general all-over health, including skin and fungal issues.

Here is a link to Dr. Mercola's article, which was the catalyst to my response:

Though I haven't tried this one myself, I would recommend this suggestion written by nutritionmomof2, taken from comments to Dr. Mercola's posted on his site in response to his article. Read below:

I know lot of people with severe dandruff from all races and ages and this works
every time for very little money. Leave organic apple cider vinegar on the scalp
for 10 minutes. Wash hair using Dr. Bronner's unscented liquid castile soap + 2
drops myrrh oil + 3 drops rosemary oil for non-ethnic hair. For natural or
relaxed ethnic hair, wash using Dr. Bronner's liquid unscented castile soap + an
equal amount of organic olive oil and 2 drops myrrh oil + 3 drops rosemary oil.
With repeated use, the vinegar tends to leave natural ethnic hair dull, but the
rosemary oil returns the shine. Condition hair using a recipe of 1/4 cup organic
coconut milk + 1 egg + 1 tsp olive oil. Between washings, use of a small amount
of organic coconut oil on the scalp to prevent dandruff return. I agree about
the hair implements and I clean mine every time I wash with vinegar for 10
minutes, then rinse with water. I have more natural recipes at http://www.thetakebacktour%20.com/
I hope the above information is helpful. If you are interested in finding out more about kefir, kombucha or aklaline foods; feel free to go through my archives and follow the links I have provided.


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Our hairs are known to be as the crowning glory, so we should take good care of it. We should keep our hair from direct sunlight since it causes frizz and dryness. Also, use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner those that are organic made.



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