Saturday, June 15, 2019

DEAF DEAF WORLD In New Orleans on 10/5/19

The Deaf Church presents
“Step into a Deaf Deaf World!!!  Where the language is American Sign Language and the culture is the Deaf culture.”
10am -- 4pm

The Deaf Church blog --

(Pay $15 at the door)

This workshop is a total immersion experience to Deaf world; dictated by Deaf culture, Deaf norms and Deaf modes of communication. Participant will not be allowed to use verbal communication. The participants in this workshop will participate in a silent total immersion experience. Once the participants enter all verbal communication is forbidden. Participants will have a checklist of things to do while visiting Deaf Deaf World. The list of virtual Deaf businesses and establishments … and even have an opportunity to stop in at Deaf Way CafĂ© and be served by Deaf baristas. At the conclusion of the event there will be a debriefing in the form of an open forum discussion.  Resources, and study aids will also be provided to participants.
 .5 CEUs applied for
For more information:
504-722-2967 cell/text/facetime

This workshop is being co-sponsored by New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

FREE MINI WORKSHOP “Intro to Mental Health Interpreting” Monday - February 18 6:45-8:45 PM

“Intro to Mental Health Interpreting” 
Monday - February 18 
6:45-8:45 PM 
Presented by: Jennifer Kuyrkendall, NIC Advanced, Ed:K-12, QMHI
Mental Health Interpreter III
Alabama Department of Mental Health
Office of Deaf Services
Bryce Hospital
334-303-0411 Cell/Text

ITP students or new/uncertified interpreters on an “Intro to Mental Health Interpreting” Monday - February 18
PowerPoint and possible handouts for participants. The speaker will also share opportunities for internship placement and opportunities MHIT Conference Student Representatives!