Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Stay Safe During Flu Season

Barbara Lovas, ThD

During the flu season you will need to make sure you are taking mega amounts of vitamin C, D, and magnesium, your amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics, healthy oils and lots of distilled water.
... so here is my quick list of things you should be eating/doing during the flu season:

  • lots of fresh dark veggies
  • fresh (cut it yourself) pineapple for extra enzymes
  • lots of cilantro/parsley for antioxidants (if you accesss to wheat grass, drink an ounce at least daily)
  • no less than a minimum of 4000 mg of vitamin C daily -- you can make your own for cheap, if you can't find instructions in my archives, ask me how to make it (it's really easy).
  • drink your kefirs (milk and water kefir) and yogurt for your B's, amino acids and probiotics
  • drink kombucha daily (look in my archives for recipe, I can give you a scoby to make it)
  • eat fermented foods daily: Kim Chi or sauerkraut are great (you can make it and store once every week or so and store it in your fridge).
  • cod liver oil daily (during cold seasons) for vitamins D, A and omega/fatty acids
  • lots of distilled water and teas (NO SUGAR! but you can do honey or stevia) for hydration and antioxidants.
  • bathe in sea salt and Epsom salt regularly (soak for a good while and try not to use soaps if you can). They can clog your pores and also mess up your skin's natural flora. Soak long enough til you get a good sweat.
  • Get out in the sun (when you can) at least 15 to 20 mins daily. No sunscreen or sunglasses ... enjoy the sun.
  • take honey (and pollen from a radius of 50 miles or less, if you suffer from allergies)
  • add celtic sea salt to your foods (lots of minerals!)

All the above things are just basics. I didn't include every nutrient, vitamin and benifit for each "to do" item. I only wrote the most important reasons to support each suggestion.

Enjoy your Fall Season!!!

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