Healthy Cooking Classes

(also, I am selling bulk herbs)

I have been hesitant in "selling" things, because I would never want anyone to think that the sharing of my concern for healthy eating and the value of probiotics was motivated by making a profit. Anyone who knows me, knows that I always give everything away. But as the economy continues to become more complicated and prices are rising at the pumps and at the local grocery stores ... and w/ the constant threat of our food sources becoming contaminated, I feel an urgency to share with everyone the importance of having good quality herbs in your kitchen at all times (which not only taste great, but have great nutritional value). For example: with the right herbs, a simple bowl of rice can become Spanish rice, Mexican rice, jambalaya, asian fried rice, herbs and rice, sweet rice, rice pudding ... OR, the right mixture of herbs as a tea can calm an upset stomach or help you sleep at night. Can you imagine how nice it would be to be able to whip up a cake or an treat at whim w/out having to go to the store to buy an expensive pre-mixed boxes or mixes. You can keep your kitchen up with all of the healthy staples you would need to make just about anything ... w/out any dangerous (AND w/out expensive additives and pre-packaged mixes.)

I am going to start teaching healthy cooking classes again. I will also offer you the opportunity to buy high quality herbs and seasonings at a very low price. Of course, kefir, kombucha are always given-away for free. In fact, if I could afford to stock all of your cabinets with wonderful herbs and staples for free, I would!

I would also be glad to order any rare herbs, or spices that you cannot find other places; including other things like cleansers, personal hygeine products or on things you would buy regularly at your health food store. For the most part, I use Frontier Teas, Herbs, Spices and Seasonings.

Also, for those of you who live too far away to attend my workshops or the cost of me shipping things to you would defeat the discount of getting products through me, I would be glad to give you resources via websites and information on how to order items yourselves at co-op prices. After many years of searching for good places to buy my staples, I have found these companies are very honest and follow high standards. The prices won't be a low as what I can sell them for, but will still be much less than the cost you would pay in many of your local stores.

Seize the day!!!
To see a video of what kefir looks like while u are making it, go to my Youtube video at .