Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Science of Sign Language & Deaf: Educational Interpreting for Students with DUAL-disabilities on 1/10/17

The Science of Sign Language
10am – 12pm
Jennifer Kuyrkendall will highlight published scientific research on the human brain and sign language usage. Participants will be introduced to the cognitive impact on visual spatial language anomalies, and identify the complex parts of the brain that relate to language comprehension and expression.
Deaf: Educational Interpreting for Students with DUAL-disabilities
1:30pm – 3:30pm
Marlana Kienlen will focus on several dual-disabilities, deaf plus another disability, and participants will discuss as a group how to access information and why it is important for interpreters to be aware of additional disabilities that the students they work with may have.
JANUARY 21, 2017
10am-12pm, 1:30-3:30pm
5324 Canal Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70124
(Enter the side door, downstairs, facing Hawthorne Place.)

LRID Members: $30 Non-Members: $35 ITP Students: $20 Deaf: Free
(Pay at the door.)
CEU Info: 0.20 CEUs each
(0.40 CEUs TOTAL, must attend both)
Both workshops will be presented in English. If you need interpreting services,
please contact Barbara by 1/16/17.

For more information: Barbara Lovas  504-722-2967 cell/text/facetime

Interpreter Business Practices Workshop

This workshop will focus on best business practices for interpreters and the importance of keeping accurate business records, filing appropriate paperwork and knowing how to make wise ethical business decisions.

December 10, 2016
10am -- 4pm
5324 Canal Blvd, NOLA, 70124
(Enter the side door, downstairs, facing Hawthorne Place)

LRID Members -- $30
Non- LRID Members -- $35
ITP Students -- $20
Deaf -- Free
(Pay at the door)

The participants in this workshop will be discuss the guidelines and tenets established by RID regarding standard business practices, proper code of conduct, and ethical decision making as required for interpreter professionalism. Discussion will include general business practices, business etiquette, interpreter protocol, introduction techniques, billing, invoicing, contracts, rates, HIPAA compliance, the importance of insurance, setting up an LLC, certification maintenance and professional affiliations. Hands-on practices, break-out groups, techniques, resources, and study aids will also be provided to participants. .5 CEUs will be provided.

For more information:
Barbara Lovas at
504-722-2967 cell/text/facetime

This workshop is sponsored by New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC, Canal Blvd Baptist Deaf Church and Louisiana Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, a chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf


Friday, August 26, 2016


Babies can communicate using sign language as young as 8 months old. Sign language is an excellent tool to provide access to communicate with your baby before your baby is able to speak.
It has been noted that those who learn a second language show greater cognitive development in mental flexibility, creativity, problem-solving, conceptualizing, and reasoning skills. *
Whether you want your baby learn sign language in order to help them to start building their language/communication skills at an early age or if your child is Deaf, hard of hearing, autistic or non-verbal; learning American Sign Language can be a very helpful tool in communication and an excellent opportunity for you and your child learn together.

 Cost:  $80 / 6-week session
Saturdays (starts Oct 1, 2016)
10am – 11am
5324 Canal Blvd, NOLA, 70124
(Enter the side door, downstairs, facing Hawthorne Place)

Class sessions are 6 weeks long for parent(s) and babies from 8 months to 18 months. Resources such as study materials, study links and video aids are also provided for your continued practices with your family at home. If you are interested in this fun-filled, bonding, learning opportunity of learning sign language with your baby, please contact me:
Dr. Barbara Lovas, Th.D.
RID CI/ CT, NAD IV, LCD V, MO Licensed
New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC
LinkedIn address:
E-mail --
Video Phone for the Deaf # --
504 273 1152 ,  Cell/Text/Facetime – 504 722 2967
New Orleans Sign Language Babies and Kids / New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC offers a wide range of programs and experiences for you and your child. We also provide ASL parties and in-home sessions for you and your family and friends:

Rescource: Cognitive Benefits of Learning a Second Language.” American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Duke University, 2007. Web. 22 Mar. 2013.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Interpreting LYRICS Workshop--March 26, 2016 at 10am--4pm, 5324 Canal Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70124

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

11th Annual Mid-South Deaf Women’s Retreat

Date:   April 22-24, 2016
Location:   Linden Valley Baptist Conference Center (Linden, Tennessee)
Theme:   “Power of Forgiveness”
Bible Verses:   Ephesians 4:31-32
Cost:   $110 (Special Early Bird before January 31, 2016)
$125 (February 1, 2016 to March 1, 2016)
Guest Speaker:   Barbara Lovas (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Music Leader:   Laura Atwell (Lynchburg, Virginia)
Leadership Team:
Rhonda Stephens – Leader
Amanda Miller – Assistant Leader
Stutzen Hendricks – Assistant Leader
If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Washing My Hair with Kefir and Kombucha

Some of you have asked me to start posting some of my older articles about kefir and kombucha. I will start posting some of them here to make them easier to find. Of course, if you want more to read before I post them, you can Google them by using my name and the subject matter. Here is the most requested article first (NOTE: Now at age 55, my hair is more blonde and healthier than when I wrote this in 2008):

Sept 20, 2008

Washing My Hair with Kefir and Kombucha

Since I had started washing my hair with Kefir Whey and Kombucha my hair has become noticeably thicker and shinier. I am almost 50 years old now, and prior to using the kefir and kombucha my hair had been starting to turn grey. My hair is now coming in healthy, shiny and back to it's original blonde color for the most part.

When I noticed that my hair was going back to my original color I was a bit embarrassed to tell anyone what I had noticed; because I was sure that people would think I was imagining things, so I said nothing. Ironically, within a day or so of my noticing this, someone in my kombucha group had noticed the same thing. Their experience was more evident than mine, because that person and their spouse's hair had changed from grey back to brown. I replied and shared my experience and so did others. So, I am not the only 'crazy' that says my hair has gone back to it's original color. Since that time, which has been at least a year ago now. Several people have commented on my hair. The ones who knew that my hair had been thin my whole life ... and that my hair had become dry, brittle and dull as I had become older have been even more shocked.

So, now are you wondering what I do to wash my hair? First of all, I haven't been able to go totally soapless on the hair yet. Though, I use so very little shampoo, that one large bottle of shampoo with essential oils lasts me forever ... I mean, FOREVER! I tried the "no poo" method with Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar. It was too drying for my hair. Though, I must mention that it does work very well for others.

Here is what I do: I soak my hair in the kombucha at least once a week. I also soak my hair in kefir at least once a week. When my hair needs washing between those times I use a pinch a good quality herbal shampoo with essential oils ONLY on my roots. As I rinse the shampoo out (rinsing it out very well!) the shampoo water runs down the remainder of my hair, though I don't intentionally 'wash' the rest of my hair or ends.

I used to pretty much just take a handful of shampoo and slap it on my wet hair/head and sort of scrub my hair around until it looked like a nest (which is the common practice of most), then rinse it out; followed by conditioner. My poor hair certainly needed the conditioner after that horrible abuse!

I no longer use conditioners or hair sprays. Thankfully, I don't need them anymore. Being that my hair used to be so thin, it used to quickly become oily. This is no longer the case. Now, I use a little bit of pure coconut oil in my hair after washing. It works great! Every once in a while I mix up some coconut oil and lanolin and use it on the tips of my hair.

Let me warn you! If you wash your hair too often in kombucha, your head will smell like vinegar when you sweat. That happened to me once. Not good! Which also reminds me, if you are a person who likes your hair to smell good you can do what I do. When you add the coconut oil to your hair add a drop of geranium oil, or any other essential oil that is safe for your skin. Your hair will smell great and look shiny. It also holds up well to humidity. I live in New Orleans, the capital of humidity, and my hair holds up great.

Posted by barbara lovas at Sept, 20, 2008 3:26 PM
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