Monday, October 18, 2010

The Dangers of Soy Warning: Please Avoid Feeding This to Your Child

Hello Everyone! This is a very important article, even if you don't have babies or children presently. I cannot stress enough that soy is not a food, but if anything, more on the lines of suppliment (for women only!) It should not be eaten unless it has been fermented. I have deep concerns about the mass consumption of soy among our general population. I feel strongly that we are already witnessing many negative affects, and are medicating w/out going back to the source. A lot is at risk here. There is only not the immediate risk of blowing out our thyroids and all systems involved (including the immune system and digestive system), but even more concern w/congnative and developmental functions. Please read the below articles, and share them with friends and family. We are not only poisoning ourselves, but are facing the risk of our children being malnourished, and fertilizing the next generation ... do the research! Have a great day!!! Barbara

Go the this link to read the articles by Dr Mercola:
Warning: Please Avoid Feeding This to Your Child

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