Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Thing about Me

Okay, Betsie!!! I did it ... here is my list (smile)

1. I am concerned about the way Americans are willingly being stripped of their freedoms, and that the mention of God's name and His values are systematically being taken out of our school books and recorded history.

2. I LOVE science and believe that science DOES prove God exists ... I can give the names of many TOP world renowned scientists who believe in God, who themselves were not believers at one time ... who later began to believe in God because their studies in science led them to realize there HAS TO BE a creator. I can disprove the religion of Evolution with scientific fact.

3. I was an apprentice mid-wife in the 80's... and one of the biggest influences in my life was and STILL IS Jane Even... she taught me how to be a godly mother, to not overlook and to appreciate the simple things in life, and about eating healthy.

4. I don't believe in taking prescription drugs, but DO believe that good foods, herbs, homemade probiotics and laughter and good food ARE our medicine.

5. I love history, but hated it in school.

6. I cry almost every day ... most times 'cuz I am happy, sometimes 'cuz I am sad. I didn't realize that until I was sent another questionnaire by my niece and one of the questions was,"when was the last time you cried?"

7. My mother wanted to name me Barbeth (after her best friend). My father wouldn't let her. So, she named me Barbara. I always disliked my name: Bar-bar-a ... a blahhhh name. BUT my name means odd, peculiar and strange -- hahaha! I guess it is fitting.:)

8. My favorite place on earth to be -- is with my family.

9. I love being a grandma, music, art, animals and the way the sun feels

10. I use the computer alllllll day long, and depend on it for communication -- BUT I hate the computer!

11. I know a lot about the computer and can often fix or can even clean a computer, but struggle with a simple camera.

12. I hate talking on the phone.

13. I am a night person. I was always told that as I became older I would start to like waking up in the mornings. I am almost 50, and I still don't want to get out of my cozy bed. I find it hard to get to bed before midnight.

14. I like being alone. I don't have opportunity to be alone much, though. I keep pretty busy. I wish I was home more often!

15. I don't believe in putting anything on your skin that you wouldn't be willing to eat. Our skin is our largest organ, and it absorbs everything we put on it ... and what we absorb in our skin goes into our blood and other organs and affects us.

16. I avoid eating wheat, white foods (bleached foods, including table salt!), sugar, sugar substitutes, artificial flavors and colors, MSG, sodas, alcohol, boxed or canned foods.

17. I feel that the FDA has failed us, big time! Splenda, Sweet & Lo ... all those kind of sugar subs are poison. Genetically modified foods (GMO) are poison. Almost every food on the shelves today has high fructose corn syrup (another GMO poison) ... Monsanto has been allowed to make our food supply Round-Up Ready and patent it (contaminating our food supply even more) ... and the FDA sits back and allows Americans to consume genetically modified poisons and prescription drugs gal lore (like guinea pigs) -- but won't allow us to buy raw milk? Go figure!

18. I tell my friends who use artificial sweeteners to use stevia instead, it is actually good for the body. It is too sweet for me. I use honey or coconut oil for a sweetener if needed.

19. I try to eat raw foods, make everything from scratch, prefer using: organic foods, sea salt. honey and make my own kefir milk, kefir water, kombucha, wheatgrass, distilled water and sauerkraut juice for drinking.

20. I never put ice in my beverages

21. I had always planned to go to school to become an MD after my children had grown up -- I would love to practice medicine as a missionary in a third world country... BUT there is a BIG problem: I disagree with most of the stuff they are teaching medical doctors today (especially related to prescription drugs and surgery) that I feel I would be thrown-out my first semester of school for disagreeing with everything.

22. I am proud that I worked hard to get my ThD, but I have to admit ... I have learned more in my life from reading thru the bible many times and through life experience ... It is true, I have had a lot of bad things happen in my life, but they have helped me to appreciate life so much more.

23. I believe that being a mother is the hardest job in the world, and that mothers deserve a lot more recognition. Secondly, teachers should be paid a lot more money!!!

24. I home schooled my children.

25. When I die, I don't want to have a funeral. I want a party! REALLY! I want the song by Rick Mullens played, "When I Leave I want to Go Out Like Elijah." ... "when I look back on the stars, it will be like the candle lights in Central Park and it won't break my heart to say goodbye."

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